Play the Best Online Baccarat in Canada

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The game is centuries old, and goes by different names. One of the most common is Punto Banco. No matter what you call it, online Baccarat is riveting. You are at the mercy of the deal, and thanks to Microgaming’s certified RNG, the cards are shuffled and dealt randomly. Can you handle the thrill of the game that has gained an unshakeable following in the Far East? Play it at our online casino Canada, and find out!

Online Baccarat Card Values

The moves made by either the Player’s or the Banker’s hand is determined by the value of each hand once the initial cards have been dealt. Hand values are calculated by adding up the value of that hand’s 2 cards. In online Baccarat, if the total is greater than 9, the 10 unit is ignored; e.g. a total of 12 would be scored as 2.

The court cards, made up of Jacks, Queens, and Kings, are worth 0 points. Aces are worth 1 point, and cards 2 to 9 tell you exactly how many points they are worth. The moves made once the hands are scored are dictated by various rules. In some cases, the Player may receive an additional card, while the Banker does not, and in other cases, both receive an additional card.

In this way, online Baccarat is not at all like 21, where Blackjack strategy can be used by players to stand a very good chance of beating the dealer. In this game, it’s all down to Lady Luck. Knowing this is helpful, because you still have a chance of improving the size of the payouts you win by using a betting system, such as the Martingale system, which is popular among some Canadian online Roulette and online Slots players.

Baccarat is arguably one of the most intensely thrilling of all online casino games available at King Neptunes. Claim your casino bonus with your first CA$ deposit, and see how you fare when you play the centuries-old game with us.

Playing Online Baccarat

Given its limited moves for players, online Baccarat is an easy game to play. All you have to do is place your bet. The trick is knowing which hand to back, because in this card game played at casinos online around the world, you have a choice of 3 different bets.

You can bet on the Player or Punto to win, or you can bet on the Banker or Banco to win, or you can bet on the round ending in a tie. The choice you make is important, because the hand that wins determines the payout you get.

If you bet on the Player resulting in success with that hand winning, the payout is 1:1. If you backed the Banker, and the Banker wins, the payout is 1:1 less 5% commission. If you took the third option, bet on the hands to tie, and the game ends in a draw, you win a magnificent 8:1 payout. Feel the rush of Baccarat at our online casino Canada.

Best Quality Online Baccarat

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