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Video Poker is not as old as a lot of other casino games, such as Craps, Baccarat or Roulette are, having only been created in the late 1970s. However, it is just as popular, and at King Neptune’s Casino we offer a wide range of Video Poker titles to choose from.

No casino game can pay out as much as games that feature progressive jackpots, but even the Video Poker titles without these rewards can swell your account substantially. The simple graphics and rules make Video Poker easy to learn, and the strategic game play combined with a little dose of luck will keep you coming back for more!

Video Poker for Beginners

Video Poker is an exciting blend of instant slots action and a few of the more basic rules of Poker. This makes the game a great way to learn how to think quickly about Poker hand ranking rules, and to start getting familiar with the complex table game. While still not as complicated as table Poker or other card games like Blackjack, Video Poker does allow players to start getting into the mind-set of such games.

In Video Poker, you can place a bet of up to 5 coins, and then 5 cards are dealt to you from a single deck. These all appear on the screen immediately, much as the numbers generated in a game of Keno would. The difference between Video Poker and instant-play games like Keno and Slots is that at this point, you are able to make a strategic decision on what your next move should be based on the cards that you see on your screen.

Winning Big with Video Poker

The objective of Video Poker is always to create the best possible hand according to standard Poker rankings. Once you’ve seen your cards you can decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to discard for new ones, which is what brings elements of strategy into the game.

You can exchange as many or as few as you wish to, with your new cards being dealt from the same deck as the original, but the catch is that you only have a single chance to do it. That means you can’t exchange the cards one at a time and base each successive decision on whatever you are currently holding. Once the card exchanges have been made, the round is over. You are paid out according to what the cards in your final hand are.

Video Poker Allows for Simplified Strategy

Without having to go against other tablemates or make decisions over a series of turns in a round, Video Poker is much simpler than table Poker in every way. However, you do need to make tactical decisions on which cards to keep and exchange. This allows you to start sharpening your table Poker skills, and there are charts available for every variation of online Video Poker to help you decide what to do.

From the original Jacks or Better Video Poker title to Deuces Wild and other titles that developed as the game became more popular, strategy charts show you exactly which cards to replace for whatever cards you might have in your hand. You can use these until you develop your own instincts about the game, knowing you stand the best chance of winning if you do.

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With the superior graphics and functionality that our Microgaming powered games offer, as well as our fantastic bonuses and promotions, King Neptune’s Casino is your first choice for online Video Poker games. Enjoy this enthralling online casino game and stand the chance to win handsome payouts when you build a winning hand!