Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments

Sit ‘n’ Go Online Slots Tournaments will only start once the required number of players has registered. Therefore if a game needs 8 players to start with, it will only start once 8 or more players have registered. Sit ‘n’ Go Online Slots Tournaments are played within a set amount of time and players need to start and finish at the same time.

This is one of the biggest differences between this tournament and Scheduled Tournaments. In Scheduled Tournaments, players are eliminated over a series of successive rounds and the number of entrants is not limited. Sit ‘n’ Go games simply pay out the top winners at the end of the game. Their smaller size and different playing structure means they pay out a lot less than Scheduled games do, but they are also a lot faster to play. Neither is better than the other; they’re just different experiences and you can enjoy them both at King Neptunes Casino.

How Sit ‘n’ Go Slots Tournaments Work

When you find a Sit ‘n’ Go Tournament with a game and payout that works for you, you can enter it as long as it still says ‘Open’. Once the required number of players are registered, the game will begin. That means that you’ll be playing it very shortly, rather than at a set time in the future as is the case with a Scheduled Slots Tournaments. Make sure that you stay online, because you have to be logged into our casino to start playing.

When the Tournament begins, you’ll get a pop-up notification window to let you know; click on the ‘OK’ button to be taken to the game. If you are not logged in, our software won’t play for you and you’ll forfeit your entrance fee and your fun – so make sure you are! If you lose your connection during the Tournament your game will become static, but if you’re able to reconnect in time you will be able to keep spinning.

At the start of the game, everyone is given coins to play with. These can’t be exchanged or cashed out, and are valid for your current tournament only. You’ll play until the end of the Tournament, or until your coins run out or run so low that you can’t make the minimum bet. At the end of the set duration of the Sit ‘n’ Go Tournament, everyone’s Win Box Balance (the total of an individual’s wins over the tourney, displayed in a window called the Win Box) will be compared. Those with the highest Win Box Balances will win payouts, with the highest award going to the player with the most wins.

Great Selection of Adrenaline-Pumping Games

Slots Tournaments move much faster than normal slots games, and since normal games are already so fast the only way to describe the speed of tourneys is ‘breakneck’! You’ll love the opportunity to pack more thrills and more potential wins into a smaller amount of time at a smaller price. Tournaments bring everything you appreciate about slots games together with the stimulation of a little healthy competition.

The high quality of the games that are involved in our Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments also helps make them enjoyable, and we roll out new titles for the tourneys on a regular basis. Check out what is on offer at the moment and put your name down for one. You could be moments away from a big win!