Scheduled Tournaments

Want to play straight away? Then Scheduled Online Slots Tournaments are for you.

They start at a fixed time and you have to register and play within a set time limit. You can check the games that are available on our Slots Tournament page right now, and buy in to any that are available. Usually there is no limit to how many players can enter the tourney, since everyone is playing independently Just as they would in a normal situation; the difference is that the results between players are compared.

Every Scheduled Tournament is Different

Even though you start playing at a set time, the actual tournament could take a few minutes or a few days to play.

It all depends on the Online Slots Tournament. And of course, on how well you do. You’ll notice that the action is a lot faster than if you’re playing the same game in a normal setting, so it feels very different, and that you can win a lot more money on a tiny investment than you could in a non-slots game.

The only cash that you part with in a Scheduled Slots Tournament is the deposit that you put down to play. When the game starts you get a certain amount of coins to play with, and will keep going until you run out of these or until you are eliminated.

During the time the tournament runs, you can play and revisit to find out if your position has changed. Should you need to, you can purchase more credits to play again and increase your position. You can also check out game statistics such as how many times you’ve spun in the last hour or your top 3 successful spins of the session, to give you better insights and help you decide what to do next.

The amount of extra credits you may purchase can be restricted, depending on the tournament. The amount is not restricted just as often as it is restricted; you can choose from several game options depending on what works best for you.

Scheduled Online Slots Tournaments usually have a guaranteed prize pool that is divided up amongst the winners. The amount won is relative to your final position on the leader board. The different payouts, and how many there are, vary between our tourneys too.

Interested? Schedule a Few Spins of Your Own!

Scheduled Slots Tournaments are perfect for very busy players, because they know exactly when they will start and what their maximum duration will be. If you’re keen to have a wild time but you’re so busy that you have to schedule it in, these games are for you.

Even though there are no jackpots in these tournament games, the huge number of entrants from dedicated King Neptunes fans around the world means that their payouts are never disappointing. The set entrance fee and specified amount of playing chips for each contestant is also felt by many gamblers to equalise the playing field and create a better competitive environment.

Added to all this is the fact that the action in a Scheduled Slots tournament is simply out of this world, and the range of games that you can play at King Neptunes is always getting bigger. Just remember that you need to be logged on when the tournament starts; our software will not play on your behalf as is the case in Blackjack Tournaments, and if you are not online and miss the game your registration fee will not be refunded.

If you love slots and are looking for a way to ramp up the games’ exciting thrills even more, you’ve found your answer with Scheduled Slots Tournaments. If you are not already registered with us do that now, then head over to our Slots Tournament page and book in some scheduled tournaments. Happy spinning and winning!