Slots Tournaments FAQ

When do Online Slots Tournaments take place?

Schedules are posted and kept up to date in the tournaments section of the downloaded (PC) casino software.

What will I find in “My Tournaments”?

A list of the tournaments that you have joined and played in as well as your results.

How big are the prize pools in Online Slots Tournaments?

This depends on the tournament and is announced before the tournament starts. Players can either win a guaranteed amount or a percentage of the pool.

How do I join an Online Slots Tournament?

It’s easy. Simply download our casino software, then log in, go to games and double click on the name of the tournament you want to enter. Or click the “Join” button. If a buy in or fee value applies, it will automatically be deducted from your balance. Each time you register for a tourney, the details are added to your ‘My Tournaments’ page.

I’ve registered for an Online Slots Tournament. How do I know when it will start?

A pop-up message will appear on your casino software screen one minute before the start of a tournament. Click the ‘OK’ button to display the countdown screen. If you ignore the pop-up screen, you can still join until the end of the first round. Thereafter your entry is forfeited.

What is the “coin balance”?

You’ll receive starting coins at the beginning of a tournament. Any wagers you make during tournament play are subtracted from your coin balance. Your wins will not be added to the coin balance and your coin balance only decreases during tournament play. Your game play is over when this balance is zero or when you cannot make the minimum bet.

What is the “win box balance”?

When a tournament starts, the win box balance is zero. Every win will be added to your win box balance. The player with the highest win box balance at the end of a game wins the Online Slots Tournament.

What is a “Scheduled” Tournament?

A Scheduled Tournament always starts at a fixed time. Your entry fee includes the credits that you will play with. Rounds last between 5 and 15 minutes or until your credits run out. You can choose to stop your play or continue in which case a ‘Continue Play’ entry fee might be required. The Continue Play rounds are usually shorter and limited.

What is a “Sit ‘n’ Go” Tournament?

A Sit ‘n’ Go Tournament begins only once the tournament is full – when the minimum amount of required players have registered. You may therefore have to wait before play begins. The final results are announced straight after the tournament ends.

What happens if I get disconnected during an Online Slots Tournament?

Not to worry. If you are able to re-connect within the tournament time, you can continue playing. If not, the winnings total will remain static and reflect the amount you had at the time of disconnection.

The following rules apply if you are disconnected during tournament play:

1.The slot will not spin on your behalf.
2. You can continue playing if you are able to re-connect within the tournament time.
3. If you can’t re-connect, the winning total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.

What are Game Statistics?

Game statistics provides you with useful information about your current Online Slots Tournament session, including the number of spins you’ve played and your three highest win amounts.

If you click on the ‘Statistics’ button the following information is displayed:

General tab

Spin Results Section:

The number of spins played during your current game session, the duration of your game session, and the average number of spins you’ve played per hour.

Highest Wins Section:

Your three highest win amounts during your current game session.

The ‘OK’ button closes the Statistics dialog box and the ‘Reset’ button resets the game statistics to zero.

Please note that the statistics only apply to your current game session and on exit will automatically reset to zero.