Blackjack Tournaments

Multiplayer Blackjack Tournament Players come together in a global online card room and compete with each other against the House. The Player who completes the game with the highest number of tournament credits at the end, wins the predetermined prize. These tourneys are played over several rounds, with Players getting eliminated as it progresses according to the Online Blackjack Tournament rules. The Player who makes it through all the rounds and gets first place in the final round, is crowned the tournament winner. Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments are played with tournament credits that don’t have cash value and each Player begins each round with the same amount of tournament credits. The Player or Players with the highest amount of tournament credits remaining at the end of the round, will advance to the next round.

Players can choose from two types of tournaments. Scheduled Blackjack Tournaments begin at a fixed time and when this time commences, so will the game. Sit ‘n’ Go Blackjack Tournaments in turn will only start once the required number of players have registered. Both tourneys’ final results are revealed at the end of the tournament.

Play Instructions for Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments:

  1. In the lobby, double click on the Tournaments option & expand the Blackjack folder in the Choose Your Category box.
  2. Choose the type of tournament you’d like to take part in – Scheduled and Sit ‘n’ Go.
  3. The tournaments that are available for the selected tournament type will be displayed.
  4. Then choose the Blackjack Tournament you want to join. Take note – you can only join a tournament if the status of the tournament is Open.
  5. The details of the Blackjack Tournament you want to join are available to view and include the following information – General, Prize, Players and Rules.
  6. Click on the ‘Join’ button.
  7. Once you’ve double clicked on the tournament you want to play you need to supply an alias. Pick one and enter.
  8. When you’ve confirmed your entry, you’re allocated a fixed amount of coins and a timeframe within which to play this tournament.
  9. The Player or Players with the highest amount of tournament credits left at the end of the round, advances to the next round.
  10. The Player with the highest amount of tournament credits at the end of the tournament wins the predetermined prize pot.
  11. Your actions during the game are determined by clicking the appropriate Action button. Always ensure you’ve selected the correct action – it is final once you’ve clicked.

The Rules of Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments:

  1. Players who want to play in a tournament have to be registered for it.
  2. The maximum number of players that can enter the tournament may or may not be limited – depending on the tournament.
  3. Tournaments are always played right to the end
  4. Players who withdraw from a tournament before it is over will forfeit their entry fee.
  5. Players who do not return to a tournament will forfeit their entry fee.
  6. If you’ve registered for a tournament and aren’t logged on to the casino system at the time the tournament starts, you’ll forfeit your entry fee. A tournament is considered over when the time limit expires or a Player’s credits are used up. If a tournament that’s in progress gets cancelled, and cannot be paused and postponed by a few minutes, Players will each be refunded their total entry fee to the tournament.

If a Player gets disconnected from the system during tournament play, the following rules apply:

  1. Should a Player get disconnected during play, the game will automatically play on their behalf by hitting until a soft 12 or better is achieved – thereafter the hand will Stand.
  2. If a Player manages to re-connect within the tournament time, they can continue playing in the tournament.

Please note: Tournament credits don’t have any value other than acting as counters in the tournament. It therefore doesn’t have any cash-out value.