Sit ‘n’ Go Blackjack Tournaments

Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments are always played by a limited number of Players and within a specific time frame. It will start only once the required number of Players have joined the tournament. When available, these tournaments are displayed in your Casino software.

If it isn’t yet in progress, you can join. Once the required number of Players have joined, the tournament will begin. Payouts in Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments tend to be smaller than for Scheduled Tournaments, but they are also more frequent. This makes Sit ‘n’ Go games a little less serious than real-money Scheduled games, and they last for a much shorter time. These factors mean they may be better for beginners as long as they’re happy to wait for the table to fill up and the game to begin.

Playing a Sit ‘n’ Go Tournament

Once you’ve registered for a Sit ‘n’ Go Tournament, you just need to wait for all the places at the table to fill up before you start. This shouldn’t take very long, especially when you’re playing at our casino, so stay logged in and enjoy a few instant games, such as some spins on the reels of your favourite slots machine, while you wait.

When the game is set to begin, you’ll be notified with a pop-up message; click on the ‘OK’ button to be taken to the action. If for any reason, you have to log out of our casino for a moment and you miss the start of the game, the software will pay for you until you can return.

At the start of play, everyone is given the same amount of Tournament Credits. There are usually 6 or 9 players in a game, and the objective is to win the largest amount possible. In our other Blackjack games, all you need to do is beat the dealer; in Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments you also need to beat the other players’ hands and rank high enough to get paid out at the end. You get to play with larger sums of credits than you might if you were using real money of your own, which can be a very enjoyable experience.

The top 2 players are usually rewarded if the game is between 6 players; the top 3 generally get a prize if the game involves 9. The fast-paced action is a lot of fun, especially if you turn on the Live Chat feature on our games, and interact with other players. Try the real-money Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments out first, and once you feel comfortable and familiar with them you can activate this feature.

Remember that Tournaments are also different to other Blackjack games at our casino because you are playing with other gamblers. They are also being dealt cards, which will affect the odds of a specific card remaining in the pack to be dealt to you. There are plenty of interesting strategies to better your Sit ‘n’ Go games, and the more you play the better you’ll become. Try the games out now and see how much it is possible to win with just a small buy-in!

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