Scheduled Blackjack Tournaments

Scheduled Tournaments always start and finish at a specific time. It also requires you to register in advance if you want to play. These tourneys are displayed in your casino software where both the start time for registration and the tournament start time are indicated. They are great if you need to plan your casino leisure time quite carefully, and so cannot wait for a Sit ‘n Go Tournament to fill up and begin. Having an exact start and finish time will make your life a lot easier if you need to follow a tight schedule. To play in a tournament for which you have already registered, you have to log on to your King Neptunes Online Casino software prior to the tournament’s starting time on the appropriate day. When the tournament starts, you’ll automatically be seated at the table.

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Playing Scheduled Blackjack Tournaments

When you sit down at the table, you and all your fellow tablemates will be given a certain amount of playing credits. Your objective is to make as much money as you can in every successive round. The point is different than in a normal online Blackjack game though; you are not winning as big as possible just for yourself, you’re doing it to stay in the Tournament.

Through successive rounds the players with the least money will be eliminated, and then the top 3 players in the last round will get First, Second and Third Place cash prizes. The rules of the game remain the same, but you do need to think a little differently because more cards are being dealt to players. This means the odds of what is still in the deck are different.

Tournament credits hold no value outside of the tournament, so you can’t cash them out. The only way to make money in a Blackjack Tournament is to keep playing until the end! In the event of you being disconnected as a game is being played, our casino software will play on your behalf and bet until your hand hits a soft 12 or better. When this happens, your hand will stand. If your connection is re-established in time, you can continue with the tournament as if you never left.

Try Our Fantastic Scheduled Blackjack Tournaments Now

Blackjack Tournaments are a great way to bet with a decent bankroll, without having to put up much of your own money. If you’re playing a scheduled game, you don’t even need to budget for it after you’ve reserved your place. Simply reserve your spot, have the registration fee deducted from your King Neptunes account, and then carry on playing until it’s time to take your place at the Blackjack table. You’ll have a bankroll ready and waiting, in the form of Tournament Credits. Some people even choose to secure their Blackjack game places far in advance, so that they are free to play with whatever bankroll they have remaining.

There are Scheduled Blackjack Tournaments running all the time, so you don’t have to wait a moment longer to secure your spot in an upcoming event. Choose the prize, buy-in and game that appeal to you the most, and get in on the action. Just don’t forget to be logged into your casino account when the time for the match arrives!