Blackjack Tournaments FAQs

How will I know when a Multiplayer Blackjack Tournament is taking place?

Regularly updated schedules with all the latest tournament times are posted in the tournaments section of the download casino software.

What size prize pools are up for grabs in Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments?

The House determines all prizes offered in all Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments. Why not have a look at what prize is up for grabs before registering for a tournament?

How can I join a Multiplayer Blackjack Tournament?

Decide on a tournament, then double click on the tournament name or click on the ‘Join’ button. If a buy in fee applies, it will automatically be deducted from your balance. It’s that simple!

Will I be informed when a Multiplayer Blackjack Tournament that I’ve registered for is about to start?

One minute before the start of a tournament, a pop-up message will notify you. But you’ll only see it if you are in the casino software at the time. Click on the ‘OK’ button, and a countdown screen will appear. The game will play on your behalf if you’ve registered but are not logged on at the time that the tournament starts.

Tournament credits – how do they work?

At the beginning of each round, Players start off with the same amount of tournament credits. These credits simply act as counters for the tournaments and don’t have a cash-out value and represent no monetary value.

What are Scheduled Tournaments?

Scheduled Tournaments have a specific start and end time and require you to register in advance to qualify to play. Depending on the tournament, the maximum number of Players can be limited or not.

What are Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments?

Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments are always played within a set time limit and by a restricted number of Players. These tourneys only start once the specified number of Players have joined.

If I get disconnected from a Multiplayer Blackjack Tournament, what happens?

Should you get disconnected during a tournament the game will automatically play on your behalf. If you’re able to reconnect within the tournament time, you can again continue playing in the tournament.

What happens if a tie occurs?

In the event of a tie, the Player who started the hand with more tournament credits will get ranked higher. If both Players started off with the same number of tournament credits, the Player closest to the starting Player will get ranked higher.