Set Off On A Dolphins Quest

Dolphin Quest is another excellent online slots experience brought to you by legendary online casino software developer, Microgaming. It features all of the stunning graphics, animations, sounds and exciting bonus features that you would expect from this respected developer.


As the name suggests, Dolphin Quest is ocean-themed, and spectacularly so. The game’s graphics and animations are absolutely stunning, with great attention to detail evident in every aspect of the visuals.

The background is a sun-dappled ocean scene, and the soothing marine themed sounds complete the experience.

Fun with Fishy Friends

You can look forward to meeting a host of fascinating marine creatures that will accompany you on your quest to win deep-sea treasure. This slot is an excellent choice for nature lovers, those interested in the ocean’s mystery, and fans of captivating, visually appealing slots.


However – there’s more to this game than just gorgeous graphics and bright colours. It also boasts a wide range of exciting features, and thrilling opportunities to win. Plus you can play it on any platform you prefer, from desktop to laptop, Windows to Mac. It’s a great game for beginners too, as it is easy to understand and the navigation is simple and seamless.


Aquatic Adventure Awaits

The main jackpot in Dolphin Quest is an impressive 12 500 coins… But the biggest prize is up for grabs in the bonus game; a whopping 150 000 coins!

The game follows a 5x4 reel format, and features an incredible 50 variable paylines, offering a great many ways to win! As you would easily guess, the most rewarding symbols are the dolphins themselves. There are different dolphin icons that will accompany you throughout your play, and each one offers up a little something different.

The first dolphin features in the Dolphin Quest logo symbol, and acts as the Wild symbol. This helpful marine mammal has the ability to substitute any symbol if it means completing a winning line-up. The golden mammals act as the Scatter Symbol. If you land 3 of these icons on reels 2, 3, and 4, you will be whisked away to the fantastic, and rewarding bonus round.

Make a Splash

The bonus game does not include free spins, but instead transports you to an entirely new set of reels, making it all the more immersive. These 3 reels spin inside a waterfall, and each reel contains numbers, some reaching into the thousands. As they spin, you can choose when to hit the “stop” button – and you will win the amounts displayed on the reels.

If you’re lucky enough to line up 3 big numbers, this bonus round has the potential to be extremely lucrative.

Other symbols that complete this colourful world include fish, sea turtles, hermit crabs, stingrays, and sea horses, and each has been carefully crafted to fit in with the amazing aquatic theme.

Start Your Quest At King Neptunes Casino

King Neptunes Online Casino is named after the mythological king of the deep, so it’s only fitting that a stunning ocean-themed slot experience is available for you to enjoy! Dolphin Quest is certainly one of the highest quality marine-themed games currently on the market.

You are sure to be captivated by the beautiful 3D graphics, the cool reggae and ocean soundscape, and all the fun and vibrant ocean creatures that await you.

Even if you generally prefer Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, or Craps, we are willing to bet that you’ll become a fan of Dolphin Quest if you give it a try.

So, go ahead and dive in! You’re assured a fantastic experience on this vivid and hypnotizing barrier reef. Simply head to the slots section at King Neptunes Casino and let the friendly mammals guide you on your quest to discover all of the treasure held in the deep!