Slots: The Quintessential Casino Games

When you think of casinos, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most players in the world, the answer is slots! The games with spinning reels take up most casino floorspace, and the first port of call for many players.

Unlike other casino games such as Poker, Blackjack and, to a lesser extent, Video Poker, no insight into the way the game works is necessary to enjoy slots. The betting strategies required for Baccarat, Craps and Roulette are not required either.

Slots games are completely based on chance, and the pleasure players get from them is in the huge thrill when they see that they’ve won. There are a few different types of slots games available at King Neptune’s Casino, to suit every player’s taste and level of skill and experience. You’re going to love them all!

Classic or Reel Slots

All slots games have reels, of course, but the name Reel Slots is usually reserved for the vintage-inspired games that are most like the original slot machines. They have fewer symbols and special features than what video slots do, which makes them perfect for novices that are just learning how online slots games work. Seasoned players who feel like taking a break and getting back to basics love them too.

The symbols that you do see will also have a retro feel, and may include things like red 7x, bells, cherries, bars and other old-school symbols. The RTPs of the classic slots games at King Neptune’s casino are very impressive, though they do tend to pay out less often than our video slots which pay out more frequently but in smaller amounts. Choose what you want to play depending on what you want from your time at our casino.

State of the Art Video Slots

All online slots, and in fact most land-based slots these days, are technically video slots. There are no moving parts, and spinning reels are simulated on a screen. However, when talking about video slots people are usually referring to games that are similar to the first slots that inspired this name. They are intensely detailed with rich storylines, and are based on a very wide variety of themes.

Everything within a video slots game, including the graphics, animations and various Special Features that you’ll see, link back to the game’s central theme. The video slots that Microgaming produce, with their impeccable graphics, functionality and overall design, are famous around the world and will ensure that video slots enthusiasts will have an especially good time at King Neptune’s.

Strike it Rich with Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots can actually be attached to any casino game, though they most frequently come along with slots. They play out alongside the main game, and the prizes they award are added to with a percentage of every bet made by every player on the Progressive Jackpot network. This allows them to grow incredibly huge very quickly, and they will keep getting larger until they’re won by some lucky player. When this happens, they are re-set to their base amount.

Progressive jackpots can be features of classic and video slot games, and they can be triggered at random or by a specific event within the game. To win, players might be required to complete other games and tasks, or they might simply get to walk away with the payout immediately depending on the Progressive Jackpot title.

However a progressive jackpot is designed, you can be sure that if you win your life will change forever. Come play these thrillers and other great slots games at King Neptune’s Casino and see if you can win big!