Spin to Win with Online Roulette

If you enjoy watching the spinning action of the well-designed slots games that we have on offer at King Neptune’s Casino, you’re going to love the added strategy element of Roulette games. The strategy in this game comes more in deciding on the bets you can place, similar to the situation in Baccarat and Craps, rather than in the moves you make within the game, such is in Blackjack or even Video Poker.

In addition to being one of the best-loved casino games around the world, Roulette is also one of the oldest. The original style is French Roulette, and a later version called European Roulette evolved as the game moved out from France to the rest of the world. When French immigrants first made their way to the New World, they took the game with them and American Roulette was born.

All the most popular Roulette variations are available at King Neptune’s Online Casino, and while they don’t pay out quite as much as life-changing progressive jackpots do, they are known to be among the highest-paying casino games. Naturally, they’re all perfectly crafted with great functionality and attention to detail, thanks to the brilliant Microgaming team! Learn the basics here, and then try them all out and find your favourites.

Roulette Basics for Beginners

Though perhaps not quite as simple as the rules of Keno or some other casino games, Roulette is not difficult to learn. What makes it intriguing is that, as you keep playing, you’ll understand how complex the possible outcomes actually are and what a wild ride the game is! For as long as you play, you’ll keep learning and refining your skill.

The objective in Roulette, no matter what version of the game you’re playing, is to bet on where the ball that is dropped onto a spinning wheel will land when it comes to rest. The wheel is divided into panels, one of which the ball will end up in when the wheel stops. The panels are numbered from 1 to 36 and alternately coloured black and red, and there is a green panel numbered 0 too.

In American Roulette games, there is an additional green panel numbered 00, which raises the house edge quite substantially from 2.70% to 5.26%. That’s why we recommend starting with the French or European Roulette games that we offer, and then going on to American Roulette when you feel more familiar. When you play at King Neptune’s casino, the action of the ball landing in the pockets is perfectly simulated with our certified Random Number Generator.

The Different Bets in Roulette

In all 3 versions of Roulette, the simplest wagers you can place are known as Outside Bets because they are displayed on the perimeter of the Roulette table. They have an almost 50% payout rate, so they’re a great place for beginner players to start. They pay out quite a lot less than other wagers in the game, but that’s because they carry a lot less risk. Roulette is the quintessential high-risk, high-reward casino game!

The Outside Bet options include Red/Black and Odd/Even wagers, where you put money on whether the ball will land in a red or black, or odd-numbered or even-numbered panel. You can also place High/Low Bets, where you predict whether the ball will land in a panel numbered from 19 to 36 or from 1 to 18.

After you’re comfortable with the Outside Bets, you can start placing the wagers that are specific to French, American and European games. Your thrills will go to an even higher level, as you place your bets and hold your breath to see if you’ve won!