Win Big With Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can be attached to any game, including Blackjack, Craps or Roulette, but in reality they usually feature in Video Poker or, most commonly, slots games. The best way to think of them is probably as side bets, whose outcomes are not influenced by the main game at all.

The odds of a progressive jackpot being released are not good, but when they are the prizes that are awarded are truly dazzling. Progressive jackpots can be triggered completely at random or when a specific event happens in a game, such as the Roulette ball landing in exactly the same panel twice or a certain pattern assembling on a slots payline.

A Life Changing Win Coming Your Way

Once a progressive jackpot is activated, you may be awarded your life-changing payout immediately or you may need to complete certain tasks in smaller side games before you’re allowed to claim it. The side games are most frequently seen in video slots games, which involve more intricate storylines anyway, and usually hinge on you doing different things to determine which of a few different bonuses you’ll be awarded. Often, you need to spin a wheel or see how many items of a certain nature you can collect.

Progressive jackpots add an extra layer of serious thrill to whatever game you are playing with them activated, which for many gamblers is more than enough reason to do it. If you choose to play with progressive jackpots at King Neptune’s Casino you’ll be doing it with Microgaming titles, which have awarded payouts that have broken records over the years. There’s no better way to enjoy the action that they bring!

How Are Progressive Jackpots Created?

Progressive Jackpots are exactly what their name says they are. They are jackpots because they get paid out as a one-time bonus for a single lucky player and are always the highest possible reward that a game could yield, and are called progressive because they keep growing bigger until they are triggered. Once that happens, they are reset to their minimum amount.

The way progressive jackpots are added to and grow is with a small portion of every bet from every player on the progressive jackpot network adding to the central pot. In land-based casinos this network can exist between a few machines, all the machines on the floor, the machines in a few casinos or even the machines in an entire state.

These land-based payouts can get very rewarding, of course, but they are nothing like what is seen at online casinos like King Neptune’s. The progressive jackpot network at our casino links games that are being played around the world, on the Microgaming network, so millions and millions of players are adding to the potential payouts all the time!

Play Progressive Jackpot for Extra Thrills

Even if you don’t win a progressive jackpot when you play, the very possibility that you might is enough to take the excitement of casino gameplay to a whole new level. If you play at King Neptune’s you’ll get to experience all of that alongside superior games, great bonuses, top-quality casino support and security and flawless overall functionality.

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