Online Roulette At King Neptunes Casino

King Neptunes Casino is home to a large variety of top class online Roulette games and the best online gambling NZ has to offer! We offer classic versions of this casino game, as well as newer, more modern takes that feature Live Dealers, unique rule variations and even progressive jackpots. When you think of a casino it is almost inevitable that you will also think of Roulette, and this table game has become almost synonymous with gaming.

This is why we chose Microgaming as our software partner. They use their years of industry experience to deliver a collection of truly authentic online Roulette games that provide an authentic and entertaining experience to every player in New Zealand!

The Basics Of The Game

Similar to online Pokies and Keno, Roulette is easy to understand, and it does not require the skill and strategy of Video Poker or online Blackjack. However, it can be quite intimidating when you first play online Roulette, as the table and betting options can be a bit overwhelming. All our Roulette games come with complete instructions on how to get started, so you won’t be in the dark for long!

The aim of any Roulette game is to place a wager on either one of the table’s numbers, Black or Red, or on one of the table’s Inside or Outside bets, which combine a whole set of numbers but at lower odds when compared to the single numbers. Your wager will pay out if the Roulette ball lands in the applicable slot on the Roulette wheel.

There are 36 numbered slots on the Roulette wheel with a green 0 in French and European Roulette rule variations. American Roulette features a single and double zero pocket. The numbers are further divided into red and black numbers, essentially splitting the number selection into two groups.

Roulette offers some of the most varied wagering options available in any casino game, except maybe Craps! Roulette does take some work to figure out, but it is well worth it as the rewards can be very enriching.

A Variety Of Online Roulette Games

King Neptunes Casino New Zealand features a selection of online Roulette games to suit every preference. While they all follow realistic rule sets and physics, there are many unique rule sets that have been introduced to add variety.

Our Microgaming powered online Roulette games include American, European and French Roulette. These are the three foundational versions of Roulette. Usually, casinos will only feature one or two of these tables, but at King Neptunes you get all three! These tables offer many different odds and features to give you the comprehensive gaming experience you deserve.

If you are feeling lucky and you want to have a fresh new gaming experience, why not have a few rounds on our Premier and Multi Wheel Roulette games? These offer unique challenges on their own that will help you rediscover your love of online Roulette.

Play Online Roulette At King Neptunes Now

At King Neptunes Casino, Microgaming, a brand that has been in the business since 1994, powers our software. Their extensive knowledge of table games and online casino software makes them the ideal partners. We only want to bring you the finest Roulette experience available and we think we have done that in spades.

The reliable software our online Roulette and other casino games run on, and the incredible variety on offer makes us the absolute ultimate online casino venue for dedicated Roulette fans.

If our software isn’t enough of a reason for signing up with us, you should also consider that all our table and pokies games are compatible with our excellent Welcome Bonus offers and our varied casino promotions. There is no better way to get value added to your online gaming experience than to sign up with us at King Neptunes Casino!