Quality Online Craps At King Neptunes

Craps is one of the most exciting online casino games in New Zealand! It may seem complicated to begin with, but just as with Roulette, once you get the lay of the land you’ll find that it’s not so complex after all. Craps offers you a variety of ways to bet and exceptional odds, and after a few rolls of the dice, it’s easy to see why it is a Kiwi favourite!

Just like our Pokies, online Blackjack, Keno and other casino games, you can enjoy Craps around the clock at King Neptunes New Zealand Casino! You can also indulge in Live Dealer games or play Video Poker, so we offer the best of everything. Plus, you may just strike it lucky and land a progressive jackpot win too!

Understanding Online Craps

Craps is a game quite similar to Roulette, but instead of a wheel and ball to determine the numbers, you have two dice to roll. You must place your wagers on the table in one of the numerous betting areas and roll the dice to attempt to strike it lucky with specific number combinations.

You potentially have numerous opportunities to roll the dice in a single game, making for some nail biting, and edge of your seat moments. Despite the rather complex looking table layout, our software partner Microgaming has gone out of their way to make Craps as easy to play as possible. A few quick clicks is all that is needed to quickly set up the game, place your wagers and watch to see if you are a winner.

Learning The Basics

Don’t be too intimidated by the seemingly complex layout of the Craps table. It is quite simple once you get familiar with it. The Pass line around the bet area refers to bettors on the side of the person rolling the dice, while the Don’t Pass area is for bettors against the shooter.

At the top of the table you will find areas for single roll wagers, in other words, you will place a wager that a certain value will show up on the dice after the next roll. At the bottom of the betting area is the Field bet area. These areas are again for single roll wagers that a specific number will come up, while the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 numbered areas are wagers that these numbers will come up before we see another 7 rolled.

Placing Your Wagers

Every Craps game starts with players placing wagers on the Pass or the Don’t Pass line. If the dice rolled lands on a 7 or 11, people who wagered on Pass will win even money. If 2, 3 or 12 is rolled the shooter has crapped out and only players who wagered don’t pass will win. Any other number rolled will have no effect in bets placed. Instead any other number will establish what is known as the point.

You will also see the OFF button that was present on the table earlier will now be flipped to the ON position and placed on the point number on the table. The player rolling the dice must now attempt to roll the point number before he rolls a 7. This will continue until he rolls a point number and wins or lands a 7 and craps out.

Craps rules do become more complex but these are the basics and they should be enough to get you started! Join us at King Neptunes online casino, where you are always the hot player at our Craps tables and where you’ll find the best online gambling NZ has to offer, always.