Discover Online Baccarat at King Neptunes

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Of all our available casino games, Baccarat is easily one of our most popular table games. Its long and rich history add to its allure, and the fact that you can enjoy standard and Live Dealer versions here make it all the more appealing.

Microgaming’s Baccarat is the finest example of the game in an online format that you will find, and Evolution Gaming comes out tops with their Live Dealer offering. With a host of options to customise the game to suit your playing style, and atmospheric graphics and sound, this is one table game you won't soon forget.

How To Play Baccarat

Baccarat at King Neptunes Casino is played with a single 52-card deck that is shuffled after every game. A hand of 2 cards is dealt initially, with a potential third card being dealt thereafter.

The aim of the game is to bet on the hand that you think will have the value closest to 9. In a way, Baccarat is similar to online Blackjack with regards to the 2 initial cards that you receive and the winner being declared based on how close they are to a certain numerical value. But, like Pokies and Keno, Baccarat is a game based on luck, not skill.

There are two big differences between Baccarat and other card comparing games like Blackjack. The biggest difference is there are essentially 3 wagers you can place, and you don’t receive any cards yourself. The game will simply deal a Player hand and a Banker hand. You can wager on either of these hands to win, or you can place a third wager on the game being a tie.

The one difference that makes Baccarat such a unique game is how the scoring works. Each playing card will count its face value in the game, but any value over 10, such as the King and Queen, is equal to 0, with the exception of the Ace, which counts as 1. When a hand total exceeds 10 you must subtract 10 from the total value to gain your true hand value. Thus 13 is 3, 15 is 5 and so forth.

Playing Baccarat Strategically

Due to its simplified and focused playing style, Baccarat relies on luck not skill. Just as if you were playing for a progressive jackpot, you’ll need to focus more on how you wager, than how you play.

Smart wagering is key to being a successful Baccarat player. One of the most common wagering strategies is called the Martingale strategy. While no single strategy is a fool proof system, the Martingale strategy has shown that it can be a successful way to wager in practice, so we suggest you give it a try!

State of the Art Baccarat Software

King Neptunes Baccarat games run smoothly and safely each time you play. With excellent graphics, varying wagering limits and an authentic atmosphere, our Baccarat games represent the ultimate combination of convenient online entertainment and authentic table game thrills. Baccarat players can also take advantage of our excellent casino bonus offers to gain even more value from playing online.

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