Instant Thrills with Keno Action

Keno brings elements of Roulette and Bingo together in an intoxicating lottery-like game, with all the thrills of gambling and waiting to see if you’ve won but less of the stress that comes with other table games such as Blackjack or Baccarat that demand more strategic thinking. With Keno, it’s all about instant thrills in much the same way as slots games are.

Playing Keno at King Neptune’s Casino means, of course, that you are playing the best-quality games available online today. Like all of our games, the Keno that we offer is powered by Microgaming. This means that the smooth functionality and flawless graphics will immerse you as you place your bets and try to win big. Play Keno as part of a full casino experience that includes video poker, Craps and other games, or make it the focus of your visit to King Neptune’s!

A Casino Game Steeped in History

Many of the most popular casino games have a long and proud heritage, but none go back further than Keno. Legend has it that the game comes to us from Ancient China, where in 200 BC the great general Cheung Leung needed to raise money for the ongoing battles that his army was involved in.

Leung conceived an ingenious plan, and invented a lottery-like game based on the classic Thousand Characters poem that is used to teach children the traditional Chinese alphabet. This was the prototype for modern Keno games, and used the first 100 characters in the poem. The game of buying tickets and waiting to see if your winning numbers were drawn was a huge hit around the country, and the general was able to fund his troops. There was even enough to build the Great Wall of China.

Chinese railway workers brought the game with them to America when they went across, and the game’s popularity has been spreading around the world ever since. Playing online is as simple and entertaining as playing offline, especially when you’re doing it at King Neptune’s Casino.

The Basics of Keno

In any Keno game, players are given a card of numbers, also known as “spots”. They select the ones that they want to play, and then the winning combinations are created and announced. When you’re playing at King Neptune’s, our gorgeous graphics recreate Keno cards, and our certified Random Number Generator replaces the land-based drawing of balls that determines the winning numbers.

Your online Keno tickets have 80 numbers to choose from, and your betting options are displayed on the side of the screen. Payout odds can be seen too, and while you won’t win as much on a game of Keno as you might when playing for progressive jackpots, your winnings can still be substantial. You’ll notice that as you choose more spots, the odds are adjusted accordingly.

When you’re happy with the numbers you have chosen, all that’s left is to click the “Play” button and hold your breath to see if you’ve won! You can play again immediately afterwards, either with the same combination of spots or with a new one.

The simplicity and potential for big wins make Keno a hit with everyone who plays it, and once you’ve tried it at our casino you’ll want to play it every time you indulge in some gambling action. With such a strong basis on luck and chance there is not really anything to do in terms of strategy; you can just sit back and see whether you are a winner.

Give our online Keno games a try and discover the thrill of instant win entertainment at a wold class casino!