The World’s Favourite Casino Game: Slots

As soon as you say the word casino, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is slots! These great games, with their spinning reels, flashing lights, and colourful symbols, take up the most floor space at casinos based on land, and make for the first port of call for the majority of players. This is no less true at virtual casinos like King Neptunes, and we make sure there are enough of these great games on hand to satisfy anyone!

Unlike casino games like Craps and Video Poker, or the standard or Live Dealer versions of Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette on offer at King Neptunes Casino, slots, like Keno, offers players instant rewards for sheer luck. You don’t need any insight into how these games operate in order to win, and no betting strategies will help you get any closer to a big win, and this element of luck makes it all the more thrilling!

King Neptunes Classic, or Reel, Slots

All slots, obviously, have reels, but the word itself usually indicates the games that resemble the very first slots to ever been released. There are fewer icons for players to work with, and they don’t have as many special features as Video slots do, which is what makes them ideal for beginners. Seasoned players choose them occasionally as well, since they offer much simpler play than their Video slots counterparts do.

The symbols on these slots are retro as well, and you will be playing with red number 7s, bells, bars, cherries, and other symbols that will take you back to the simpler times of yesteryear. The Return to Player rates of the Classic slots at King Neptunes Casino are great, and though they pay out less often than Video slots do, the amounts are often higher.

Scintillating Video Slots by Microgaming

Technically, all slots are video slots nowadays, since there are no moving parts, and the spinning reels are simply simulated on a screen. The name Video slots, however, indicates games that are state-of-the-art, and have much richer storylines and more compelling themes in place for players to enjoy alongside the main game itself.

Everything in a Video slots game, including the graphics, animations, sound effects, and the special features that are often available, will link back to the central theme governing the game. The Video slots available at King Neptunes Casino are all powered by Microgaming, and so provide players with graphics that are out of this world, functionality that is perfect, and an overall design that will blow the competition out of the water.

Enormous Prizes with Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are not linked to just slots games, although they are most frequently offered alongside these. These jackpot games play out alongside the main game feature, and the prizes they are able to award lucky players are created by a percentage of every player’s bet in every single game linked to the Progressive Jackpots network being added to the prize. This is how they get as big as they do as quickly as they do, and they progress in this manner - hence the name- until someone wins the pot.

At this point they get reset to their original amount, and the entire process begins again. Progressive Jackpots are featured in both Classic and Video slots games, and they are either randomly awarded, or given to players who complete a set amount of tasks within the game. You could win the pot at once, and watch your bankroll swell to an unimaginable size on the spot, or you may be taken into a side game and asked to work a little more for the main prize.

Whatever slots game takes your fancy, you can be sure to enjoy it here at King Neptunes Casino Ireland! Sign up for your real money account today, and start winning!