Change Your Life with Progressive Jackpots

You can find Progressive Jackpots attached to any game, including Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack, but they most generally form part of slots and Video Poker games. The best way to understand these prizes is that they are a bonus, and whether or not they get awarded has nothing to do with what is happening in the main game.

The odds of you winning one of the enormous Progressive Jackpots are tough to beat, but the sheer size of them makes it a good idea to play for them every now and then! After you have had your fill of one of our Baccarat titles, or boosted your bankroll with a Keno game or two, you could use your winnings to try for the truly life-changing prize that Progressive Jackpots are so well-known for awarding.

Get In the Running for the Prize

Once a Progressive Jackpot has been activated, you may receive the big payout at once, or be asked to complete a series of tasks, often in a smaller side game, before you can claim it. These side games are most frequently attached to Video slots games, which have complex storylines in place anyway, and the prize will depend on you doing different things. These tasks will determine which of a number of different bonuses you will be rewarded with, sometimes spinning a wheel to see your prize, or collecting a pre-set amount of items to gain the big win.

An Extra Layer of Fun

Progressive Jackpots add another dimension of excitement and fun to already fabulous games, much like our Live Dealer catalogue does. This is a good enough reason to take part for many Irish players, and the fact that the games on offer at King Neptunes are all from Microgaming is another incentive! Their payouts have broken a number of records over the years, and there is no better way to enjoy the action they deliver than doing so at King Neptunes.

How Progressive Jackpots Get Created

The reason they are called Progressive Jackpots is that they are always progressing, building up, until some lucky player gets the prize. Once that happens the game will reset to its original amount, and then begin to start growing again.

A small portion of each wager that a player makes is added to the Progressive Jackpot, with these networks spreading all over the world. The Progressive Jackpot network at King Neptunes Casino links games on the Microgaming network, so millions of players are adding their bet percentage to the main pot at any point of day or night!

Make It Happen at King Neptunes

The fact is, the action and excitement provided at King Neptunes Casino is so wonderful that even if you don’t manage to bag one of our Progressive Jackpots, you are going to have fun. We have an enormous array of casino game entertainment for you to enjoy, and you will always be able to find what you are looking for when you stop in at our site for a first-rate game or two.

Register with King Neptunes Casino and start playing from within the browser you prefer, or download and install our small software package. The latter process takes but a moment, and will allow you to gain access to an even bigger array of games and services.

When you have made your first deposit into your new King Neptunes Casino account you will be treated to the rewards of our generous Welcome Bonus, and this will help you get started in your Progressive Jackpot journey!