Play Keno Games at King Neptunes Casino

Keno is an instant-win type game, and brings elements of top casino games like Bingo and Roulette together in one fun package. You won’t have to call on any kind of strategy when you play Keno, unlike the case of your Baccarat, Craps, or Blackjack entertainment, and you can relax with a Keno game or two after you’ve worked your brain with our Live Dealer and Video Poker options, too. Keno casino games are a lot like slots in that they make for great play in a short amount of time, and are a lot easier to win than any of our Progressive Jackpots!

Scintillating Software for Irish Players

When you play the Keno games on offer at King Neptunes Casino you can look forward to the highest-quality games available anywhere online. Like all the other entertainment we offer, Microgaming powers the Keno you will be playing, and this means that you can enjoy flawless functionality along with gripping graphics that will immerse you entirely as you pick your numbers and try to spot the next winning combination.

A Rich Historical Tradition

Many of the top casino games players from Ireland and the rest of the world are still enjoying today have interesting backstories, and Keno is no exception. It has its roots in Ancient China, where, in 200 BC, general Cheung Leung formulated it in order to raise the money he needed to keep his army financially supported.

Leung based the game on the Classic Thousand Characters poem that Chinese children use to learn the alphabet, and Keno was a smash-hit. Not only did Leung get the money he needed for his army, he used what was left over to build the Great Wall of China!

Chinese railway workers then took the game to America when they headed there, and Keno’s popularity has been steadily spreading across the globe ever since. Thanks to online sites like King Neptunes Casino, the game’s reach has never been as big as it is now, and players from Ireland rank it as one of their all-time top casino games.

Keno is Easy to Play and Win

You will be given a card filled with numbers, known as spots in Keno casino games. You will then be asked to choose a certain amount of these, after which the King Neptunes Casino Random Number Generator gets to work and the results are revealed!

Your online Keno cards will have a total of 80 numbers to choose from, and the betting options open to you will be displayed along the side of your screen. The payout odds will be displayed as well, allowing you to carefully keep track of which direction your bankroll is heading in.

You will notice that, as you choose additional spots on your Keno card, these odds will adjust, and, when you are happy with the selection you have made, simply click Play. Your results will be instantly viewable, and you can play again immediately, with the same number selection in place, or after you have selected a new range.

Keno’s simplicity, along with the potentially big wins it can offer, is what has kept it as popular as it is for as long as it has been around. King Neptunes Casino is happy to offer it to you as and when you want to play, and we wish you the best of luck in making the biggest returns yet!

Opening your King Neptunes Casino Ireland account is easy to do, and the wonderful Keno, other casino games, brilliant bonuses, and big array of banking options we feature will ensure you always have a good online gambling experience when you spend some time with us!