Conquer the Craps Table at King Neptunes Casino

Craps is one of the older casino games still being enjoyed today, and comes from a French game known as Crapaud. Crapaud means toad, and the name arose from the shape the players made: street urchins crowded around the dice on the streets looked like frogs hunched over.

Crapaud itself was based on a game called Hazard, from England, so the roots of Craps are certainly steeped in history.

Like Baccarat, Roulette, and slots, the age of Craps is matched only by its continuing popularity, and, like Blackjack, Video Poker and Keno featuring enormous Progressive Jackpots, you will find it in spades when you pay King Neptunes Casino a visit.

The Basics of Playing Craps

When you first join a Craps table at King Neptunes Casino it may seem overwhelmingly complex, but simply putting in the time and playing it as and when you can will soon show you it can be as simple as anything. Take a gander at our Live Dealer game catalogue if you find yourself in need of a break, and then get back to work in making this game your own!

Craps’ design and the bets it provides more make for a wonderful array of options and many different outcomes, and you will soon find your bankroll being boosted nicely as you learn what bet to make, how much to stake, and when to place your wager.

Your objective is always to bet on what the 2 dice will reveal when they are rolled on the Craps table. Rolling these dice does not require any especial skill - the strategy comes in to play when you begin betting.

The Different Bet Options for Craps

When you are placing bets in a Craps game, it has to be done in a specific order. The first one possible is the Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line bet. These get placed before the 1st roll of the dice, and this is known as the Come Out Roll.

Pass Line bets will win if the dice show 7 or 11, but will lose if the results are 2, 3, or 12. Don’t Pass Line bets, as suggested by the name, are the opposite of the Pass Line wagers, except in the case of a 12 being rolled. The result will be a Push, not a win.

If the dice rolls are not showing you any joy, you could pick a Come/Don’t Come bet. These work similarly to Pass Bets, but are placed after the Point has been established. You could choose to set the value of the Point yourself in a Come bet, and will then have 2 Points, and 2 chances of winning or losing.

The Pass and Come wagers are the most basic bets in Craps games, but the ones for the biggest possible win are called Odds bets. These can only be placed after the Point has been established, and function as side bet options of the 4 Pass and Come bets. These pay out at true odds, not casino odds, so every Odds bet you place will lower the house edge.

Wager and Win Big with King Neptunes

Once you have familiarised yourself with the basic Craps bets - and trust us, you will - you will be able to branch out and explore the rest of what’s on offer. These include:

Like most casino games, the bigger the risk the greater the reward in Craps. Take your time learning the ropes at King Neptunes Casino Ireland, and then get started with real money play!