Excellent Casino Games at King Neptunes

The casino games that Irish players are invited to enjoy at King Neptunes have all been developed by Microgaming. This world-leader in terms of online gambling provides very immersive graphics, exciting gameplay, flawless functionality, and the juiciest jackpots around!

Scintillating Slots for Super Prizes

Slots are probably the most famous group of games from Microgaming, and King Neptunes Casino has a great selection of many of their award-winning titles. In the Classic or Reel formats, Microgaming manages to produce innovative content that nonetheless pays tribute to the original games of yesteryear. Their Video Slots push the envelope, taking players on a thrilling ride as the story unfolds and prizes get claimed. Megaspin and Progressive Jackpots slot games are also available, and you can push it up a notch by entering a tournament, too!

Brilliant Baccarat for Irish Players

The unique sophistication and unmistakable style of Baccarat has long attracted high rollers and celebrity players, but these days more and more regular players are choosing it at King Neptunes Casino. If you want to get started on your big Baccarat win, then there’s no better place to do it than right here!


Riveting Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the most loved casino games the world over, and stands as one of the oldest, as well. We provide a number of different variations at King Neptunes, and can guarantee you will find no better options anywhere else online. It will take some time to navigate the intricacies of this game, but it is time well spent at King Neptunes, and you will soon be setting the wheel spinning and boosting your bankroll with big wins when you enjoy our offerings!

Quintessential Craps on Hand

Beginners at the virtual Craps table may find the bet variety somewhat overwhelming, but a little practice goes a long way. If you spend some time playing the game you will soon find it to be as easy as pie, and you’ll be rolling the dice with the best of them before you know it.


Big Blackjack Wins

The aim in any Blackjack game is to get closer to 21 than the Dealer while not exceeding 21, and you decide how to do this after you have had a chance to look at your cards. There is a blend of strategy and pure luck in Blackjack games that keeps Irish players coming back for more, and you can be sure you are accessing top games whenever you check in at King Neptunes Casino.

You can perfect your strategy on your own, or take your Blackjack know-how to one of the tournaments we occasionally organise, and find new ways to enjoy this classic casino game when you do!

Quick Wins with Keno Games

Keno brings together elements of Bingo and Roulette in order to provide players with the instant wins of a lottery-type casino game. Originating in Ancient China, and apparently how they paid for their Great Wall, Keno is a great choice for players strapped for time.


A Vast Array of Video Poker

Video Poker combines all the best elements of a good slots game with those of Poker, and this mix has been thrilling players from Ireland and beyond since the game was debuted in the later parts of the 1970s. Several variations of the game have arisen over time, and we are proud to provide you with the best of them here at King Neptunes Casino.

Luxurious Live Dealer Games

You can face off against one of the expertly trained, interesting, good-looking Live Dealers that Evolution Gaming offers in our Live Casino, and enjoy the thrills and spills of your favourite games in real time, too!

Open your King Neptunes Casino account online in Ireland and start enjoying top class casino games and first-rate play!

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