Brilliant Baccarat at King Neptunes Casino

Baccarat games are sophisticated, yet simple, which suits King Neptunes Casino Ireland players down to the ground. Unlike Video Poker or Blackjack, the skill in Baccarat is in refining your betting strategy, rather than formulating a response to the cards you have been dealt. In some ways it resembles Craps or Roulette, so if you are a fan of those 2 games then you will love this one!

The Baccarat games at King Neptunes Casino Ireland have been developed by one of the world’s premier game developers, Microgaming. While they are perhaps best known for their slots titles, particularly the extraordinary Progressive Jackpots the slots sometimes feature, their Baccarat games are spot on as well. And, thanks to the huge variety of casino games we offer here at King Neptunes Casino, you can spend some time learning your best Baccarat strategy and then wind down with a quick game of Keno or two. There are also fabulous Live Dealer options from Evolution Gaming for you to take part in as well.

The Basics of Online Baccarat

Baccarat is the only card game that does not have you making any decisions about the cards which are dealt. There are 2 hands involved in each Baccarat round, and they are known as the Player and the Banker, or the Punto and Banco, but they are just that - names. You don’t have any control over the Player hand, and the dealer doesn’t influence the Banker hand, either.

Starting the round will see you betting on whether you feel the Banker or Player hand total will be higher, or will result in a tie. Once your bet has been made, 2 cards will be dealt to each of the 2 hands.

How Hand Totals are Calculated

Baccarat hand values are totalled by adding them together, and then dropping the 10-value if necessary. This means that a 3 and a 9 will total 2 rather than 12, for example. Number cards are worth their pip value, Aces are 1 point each, and face cards have 0 value.

Baccarat Rules Governing the Hands

If the Player hand is 6 points or more, it will Stand, and if it is 5 or less another card will be dealt. When the Player hand Hits and receives its 3rd card, the Banker hand will also necessarily receive a 3rd card. The highest total possible in Baccarat games is 9, and the hand that hits 9 or as close to 9 as possible will win.

Payouts for Successful Baccarat Bets

If you bet on the Player hand and win, your payout will be 1:1, and a correct Banker hand bet will give the same, less 5% to make up for the lower house edge on the latter hand. A tie pays out at an incredible 8:1, but the house edge here jumps up to 14%.

Strategy Ideas for Baccarat Games

You are not entirely at the mercy of Lady Luck when you play Baccarat, and certain betting systems have players boosting their bankrolls more frequently. The biggest piece of advice for beginners is to avoid the tie bet - unless you feel exceptionally lucky, of course!

The Martingale system is very popular with Baccarat players, and is simple enough for anyone to follow. The system states that you should select a hand to bet on, and then double your wager when you lose, and halve it when you win. Although this may sound counterintuitive, what it means is that, as long as you have money available and the time to spare, you will eventually recoup any of the losses you may have incurred.

Try it for yourself when you play Baccarat at King Neptunes Casino. Ireland’s best games are waiting for you!