Get Great Craps Action at King Neptune’s!

Craps comes from an old French game called Crapaud, meaning “toad” because it was played in the street by urchins who crouched in a toad-like pose to see the game. Crapaud was itself influenced by an earlier English game called Hazard, so the roots of Craps really go back a long way.

Like Baccarat, Roulette and slots, Craps is as old as it is beloved. The other thing that Craps has in common with these games, and with Video Poker, is that you can find the best online versions of the game at King Neptune’s Casino. Immerse yourself in this popular casino classic, and hold your breath to see how much you’ve won!

The Basics of a Craps Game

When you first start playing Craps you may find the variety of bets quite overwhelming, but with a little practice you’ll see that they aren’t too complicated. The design of the games and the bets does mean that there is a huge range of options and possible outcomes in Craps, though your chances of winning are still greater than with progressive jackpots and the game delivers just as many thrills.

In a Craps game, the objective is always to bet on what 2 dice will display when they are rolled on the Craps table. Rolling the dice requires no skill or strategy on your part; that all comes in with the betting. Once you’ve placed your bets, a simulation of a dice roll will be seen on the superbly-crafted King Neptune’s Craps table, and will generate completely random results thanks to our certified RNG.

Craps Bets

Craps bets have to be placed in a specific order, and the first is a Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line Bet. These are placed before the first roll of the dice in the round, known as the Come Out Roll. Pass Line Bets win when the dice show 7 or 11, and lose when they show 2, 3 or 12. Don’t Pass Line Bets, as the name would suggest, are basically the opposite of Pass Line Bets except that, rather than winning a 12-value roll results in a push.

All wins pay you out even money, and if any other value is rolled, that specific value becomes the Point. In this case, the wager stays on the table until the established Point value or a 7 is rolled. In the case of the former, a Pass Bet wins, and in the case of the latter, a Don’t Pass Bet wins.

If the dice rolls are simply not yielding any results, you might decide to place a Come/Don’t Come Bet. They work in the same way as the Pass Bets and also pay out 1:1, but they are placed after establishing the Point. You can choose the value of the Point yourself in a Come Bet and then have 2 Points and 2 chances to win, or lose, on the table.

The Pass and Come Bets are the most basic in Craps, but the wagers with the best potential for a win are the Odds Bets. They can only be placed after the Point is established, and are essentially side bet options of the 4 Pass and Come wagers. They pay out at true odds and not casino odds, so every Odds Bet you place lowers the house edge. Betting on a Pass or Come Bet is called Taking the Odds, and betting on the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come Bets is called Laying the Odds.

Wager and Win at King Neptune’s Casino

Once you’re more familiar with the basic bets in Craps you can branch out and explore Place and Win Bets, Buy and Lay Bets, Big 6 and Big 8 Bets, Field Bets, Hardways Bets and Propositions Bets. The more specific the wagers get, the higher the odds and the greater the potential reward. Introduce yourself to all the high-risk, high-reward action slowly, and enjoy every second at King Neptune’s Casino!