Vibrant Video Poker Games at King Neptunes

Video Poker is not as old as some of the online casino games featured at King Neptunes Casino, are, as opposed to Baccarat, online Roulette, and Craps, having only been created in the later parts of the 1970s. It is just as popular as these games are however, and there are a number of top titles to be enjoyed at King Neptunes online casino Canada.

No online casino games can beat the kind of payouts Progressive Jackpots are able to offer, but even Video Poker titles without this extra can boost your bankroll quite substantially. The great graphics and easy rules make Video Poker a breeze to learn, and, if you have been working on your Blackjack strategy, you will have no problem doing the same for these games!

Getting Started with Video Poker

Video Poker is a thrilling blend of the action of online slots and the more basic Poker rules, which makes it easy to learn. You’ll need to think quickly in terms of the Poker hand ranks, and getting good returns in Video Poker will frequently see your Poker game bettered as well.

In Video Poker, like in an online slots game, you will be able to bet as many as 5 coins, and will then receive 5 cards, dealt to you from a single deck. These will all be viewable on your screen at once, in the way the numbers in a Keno game would, but the difference between Video Poker and Keno or slots is in that your next move will be a strategic one, based on the cards in front of you.

Winning with Video Poker

Your objective in a Video Poker game played at casinos online will always be to make up the best possible hand according to Poker hand rankings. Once you have viewed your cards, you will decide which to keep and which to discard, and this is where your strategy comes in.

You can exchange as many cards as you want to, or as few, and your new cards will be dealt from the same deck as your original ones were. The catch is that you may only do this once, and once the exchange has been made the round will end. You will then be paid out according to what cards your final hand was made up of.

Simple Strategy for Video Poker Play

You won’t have to play against other people or make multiple decisions over a number of turns in each round of play when you enjoy Video Poker at King Neptunes Casino, the finest online casino Canada has to offer, or anywhere else, for that matter.

The game is far simple than Poker is, but still requires you make tactical decisions as to which of your cards you are going to hold on to. You will be sharpening your Poker skills as you play this simpler version, and there are charts available for each of the variations in online Video Poker hands that will help you decide what to do at any stage of play.

Use your casino bonus to explore top titles like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, and use the charts on offer until you have your own strategy in place. Your instincts in this game will improve the more you play, and you will very quickly see yourself making bigger and better returns over time.

Top Video Poker Games at King Neptunes

With the state-of-the-art graphics and first-rate functionality that the Microgaming games at King Neptunes Casino provide, as well as our generous casino bonus offers and profitable promotions, it’s easy to see why we are the most beloved online casino Canada has available.

Enjoy Video Poker, live dealer games and so much more when you sign up with us!