Slots: An Excellent Casino Game

When most of us think of casinos, the first thing to springs to mind is a bank of slots machines with lights popping and the sound of coins crashing down, rendering another player a lucky winner. They are the most popular games in land-based and online casinos, and often take up the most floor space in a casino.

Unlike casino games like Craps, Poker, and, to a lesser degree, Video Poker, players don’t need to know basic strategy or how online slots work in order to enjoy them. You need no knowledge of online Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack strategy, either, you just need to spin and win!

The games are based entirely on chance, and therein lies the pleasure players get from them, as winning is that much more exciting when it’s totally random! There are a number of different types of online slots games available at King Neptunes Casino, and this means that every player’s taste, level of skill, and degree of experience is catered to. 

Reel, or Classic, Slots

Although all online slots have reels, the name Reel slots generally indicates the old-fashioned styled games that most resembles the original slots machines. There are fewer icons and special features in these online slots than there are in Video slots, and this makes them perfect for beginner players. Seasoned slots players enjoy them because they offer a break from the more complex games, too.

Reel slots’ symbols are retro as well, and may well include bells, bars, cherries, red 7s, and other vintage imagery. The Classic online slots King Neptunes Casino features are splendid, and although they do pay out less often than Video slots, the size of the prizes when they do pay out more than makes up for this!

The Latest and Greatest Video Slots

These days all online slots are technically video slots. Moving parts are no longer a feature of these games, and the spinning reels are simulated on players’ screens. However, the name video slots usually refer to games that have a complex theme in place, to which all aspects of the game relates back to.

Video online slots have rich storylines, and revolves around varied themes. Microgaming is very well known for their Video slots production, and their great graphics, flawless functionality and their impeccable overall design is what keeps players coming back to King Neptunes Casino!

Get Lucky with Progressive Jackpot Slots

Although Progressive Jackpots can be attached to casino games of any kind, they are most frequently found with online slots titles. They will play out alongside the main feature, and the prizes are made up of a percentage of each player’s bet being added to the main pot.

This allows the Progressive Jackpot to get very big very quickly, and they continue growing until a lucky player wins them. When this occurs the prizes get reset to their base amount, and everything begins again.

Progressive Jackpots can be attached to both Classic and Video online slots games, and are either triggered randomly or awarded after a specific event occurs within the game. In order to win the main prize players may need to complete other tasks and games, or they may simply be awarded the enormous total. It all depends on which Progressive Jackpot game you decide to play, and you will have a good choice to select from at King Neptunes Casino!

When it comes to the finest online casino Canada has to offer, you have already hit the jackpot! Enjoy the online slots, live dealer and other first-rate online casino games available here and start winning. Collect your casino bonus and find out why we are among the very best choices when it comes to casinos online.