Big Progressive Jackpots at King Neptunes!

Progressive Jackpots can run alongside any type of game, including Craps, Video Poker and online Roulette, and you may even be able to apply your Blackjack strategy to get hold of the pot, but they are most commonly found in online slots. Thinking of them as a type of side bet is the best way to understand them, and remember that their outcomes are not influenced by what happens in the main game. They operate independently, and you can win prizes in the main game whether you manage to take home the Progressive Jackpot or not.

Progressive Jackpot prizes are tough to win, but the potential rewards they are able to offer are truly awe-inspiring. Progressive Jackpots can be awarded totally randomly or after a series of events occurs in a game, like the online Roulette ball landing in exactly the same panel twice, or a top-paying pattern assembling on an online slots title successively.

Incredible Winnings Up for Grabs

Once the Progressive Jackpot is activated, your awesome payout may be credited to your King Neptunes online casino Canada account immediately, or you may be asked to complete secondary tasks in a small side game before you can claim it.

Side games are most often attached to Video slots featuring Progressive Jackpots, and will hinge on your accomplishing different things to determine which of a variety of bonuses you will be awarded. Sometimes a type of bonus wheel will get spun, or you will need to see how many items of a particular kind you can collect from a range on the screen.

The potential of a Progressive Jackpot prize adds an additional layer of huge excitement to the online casino games you are enjoying, and this is more than enough reason for most players to take part. If you choose to enjoy them at King Neptunes Casino you will be doing so with titles from Microgaming, a company whose games have broken multiple records in the past.

How Progressive Jackpots Get Created

Progressive Jackpots are paid out as a 1-time bonus for lucky players and are always the biggest reward the game has available. They are called Progressive Jackpots because they keep growing until they get activated. Once this occurs, the total gets reset to its minimum amount.

These Progressive Jackpots grow by means of a small percentage of each bet from every player on the games’ network adding to the central prize. The Progressive Jackpot network at the King Neptunes Casino links games together from all over the world, wherever Microgaming games are being played, so millions upon millions of different players are adding to the gigantic potential payout at any given time!

Up the Excitement with Progressive Jackpots

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