Win Big with Keno at King Neptunes Casino

Keno combines elements of Bingo and online Roulette for Canadians to enjoy in a thrilling lottery-type format at King Neptunes Casino 24/7. You will have all the fun of a possible win without the necessity of playing with a strategy like in online Blackjack. You can give your brain a break while you boost your bankroll. Keno games are as enjoyable, and easy, as online slots are, and are wildly popular for Canadian players as a result.

Magnificent Keno Games Online

When you spend some time at the best casino online Canada has to offer, King Neptunes Casino, you can look forward to a consistently high quality experience. This is thanks to the fact that our Keno titles, like the rest of the online casino games we feature, are from Microgaming, one of the world’s best-known game developers.

This means that gripping graphics and flawless functionality is the order of the day at King Neptunes Casino, whether you are enjoying online slots, bettering your Blackjack strategy, or immersing yourself in top online Roulette variations. We raise the bar in terms of casinos online, and you will never look back!

A Favourite Throughout History

When it comes to exploring the most popular titles at King Neptunes casino online Canada, it will soon become obvious that they usually have long histories. The legends have it that Keno is originally from Ancient China, where the mighty general Cheung Leung used it in around 200 BC in order to raise the money he needed for the battles his army was waging.

Leung invented Keno based on the Classic Thousand Characters poem that teaches children how to use the traditional Chinese alphabet. These days we use numbers instead, but the game of buying tickets, picking the symbols you hope to see, and watching with bated breath as the wins are revealed hasn’t changed at all. According to history, it was such a popular pastime that Leung managed to get his army what they needed and build the Great Wall of China, too!

The Basics of Playing Keno

In online Keno you will be receiving a card made up of numbers, also referred to as spots. You select those you wish to play, and then the winning combinations are randomly selected and announced. When you enjoy Keno at King Neptunes Casino, you will be experiencing gorgeous graphics and totally fair results, and can explore a number of different themes for your games.

There will be a pool of 80 numbers for you to choose from, and your bet options will be shown on the side of the screen. Payout odds are displayed as well, and although these totals don’t meet those of Progressive Jackpot games, they are nothing to sneeze at.

When you are happy with the numbers you have chosen all you need to do is click Play, and wait to see if you’ve won! You can play immediately again if you want to, and use either the same spot combination or a new one.

Simple Fun with Big Wins

The straightforward simplicity of Keno, and potential for really significant wins makes this game a top choice at King Neptunes Casino, and you will find yourself coming back for more time and again. Use your casino bonus offer to test the waters, and if you win you could use your reward to enjoy some of our other great games, too!

We’ve made it our business at King Neptunes Casino to be the first choice for Canadian players, and our first-rate Keno, Craps, Video Poker, live dealer games and more are simply unbeatable!