Enjoy Craps at King Neptunes Casino

The word Craps comes from an old French one, Crapaud, meaning toad, the reason for this is because the street urchins playing it in the streets resembled these beasts. The French version itself was taken from an earlier game in England called Hazard, so, as with many online casino games, its origins are rooted in the distant past.

Like Baccarat, online slots, online Roulette, and more of the great array of game titles at King Neptunes Casino, Craps is a crowd-favourite, and is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you tire of practicing your Blackjack strategy you can head to the virtual Craps table and immerse yourself in some first-rate fun!

The Basics of Playing Craps

You may initially find the bet variety for Craps at our casino online Canada overwhelming, but keep at it. With practice you will soon see that, although it is not as simple a game as online slots, it is not too complicated for you to start winning big sooner than you think! The game’s design and the bets on offer make for a number of different outcomes and options, too, so your chances of the kind of huge win online casinos are able to offer are big! Greater even than a Progressive Jackpot game would deliver, and the thrills just keep coming.

Online casino games like Craps have the same objective for all players: you will need to bet on what the 2 dice rolled will end up displaying. Rolling the dice requires no especial skill, so you won’t have to work at this, but you will need to get tactical about the bets you make.

The certified Random Number Generators in place at King Neptunes Casino governs Craps, online Roulette, and all the other games, so you can always be sure that the results you receive are fair.

Craps Bets at King Neptunes Casino

The bets in Craps have to be made in a certain order, and the first one is the Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line wager. These get put down before the dice are rolled, and this action is called the Come Out Roll. Pass Line bets will win when the dice show a total of 7 or 11, and will lose when the outcomes are 2, 3, or 12. Don’t Pass Line bets are the opposite of Pass Line bets, but a 12-value roll will result in a push, not a win.

Your wins will pay out even money when you play Craps at the best casino online Canada has to offer, King Neptunes Casino. If any other value other than those mentioned is rolled, that will then become the Point. The wager will stay on the table until the established Point value or a 7 is rolled. In the case of the former outcome, a Pass bet will win, and, in the latter, a Don’t Pass bet takes the pot.

If you are not getting the results you want with the dice rolls, take a look at a Come/Don’t Come bet. These work in the same ways as Pass bets do, also paying out 1:1, but they get placed after the Point has been established. You can choose the value of the Point yourself with these bets, and will then have 2 Points and 2 chances to win or lose on the Craps table.

Get Winning at King Neptunes Casino

Once you have these basic bets down, perhaps using your casino bonus to practice, you can branch out and explore the many other wagers possible in Craps games:

As is the case with online Roulette, the more specific your online Craps bet is, the higher the potential reward, so get practicing. Untold riches await you at King Neptunes Casino, and you’ll also find live dealer games, Keno and so much more to enjoy too!