King Neptune’s Casino Brings Blackjack to Life

If there was ever a classic casino delight, Blackjack is surely it. The combination of chance, similar to what is seen in slots and Keno games, and strategy has been irresistible to players for more than 200 years. All that tradition is beautifully enacted at King Neptune’s Online Casino, using sumptuous graphics and certified Random Number Generators.

Like Video Poker, Blackjack has been so perennially popular that many versions of the game have arisen over the years. We’ve got a great selection for you here, but as with Baccarat, Craps and Roulette, we recommend getting familiar with the basics before you start branching out. In the case of Blackjack, that means learning the rules of the basic game first.

The Brass Tacks of Blackjack

For any game of Blackjack, the objective is always to get a hand total of 21, or as near to that as possible without going any higher, or bust. You’re playing against the dealer, and to win your hand total also needs to beat whatever they are holding.

To begin, you’ll place your bet and then be dealt 2 cards. The dealer also gets 2 cards, one of which is face-up so that you can see it. The face cards are worth 10 and number cards are worth their stated value respectively; Aces are worth 11 or 1 depending on what works best with the rest of the cards. Based only on the cards in your hand, the dealer’s face-up card and your knowledge of Blackjack odds, you need to decide what your next move should be.

As you keep playing Blackjack, your knowledge of the odds will grow and you’ll develop better skills at knowing what to do. When you’re starting out you can use the strategy charts that have been created for every different version of the game. They tell you exactly what to do for every pair of cards you might be dealt, to give you the best chance of a favourable outcome.

Basic Moves and Payouts in Blackjack

There are a few differences in the moves you can make and the rules that apply to them in the various Blackjack games that we offer at King Neptune’s, but the essential moves are to Hit and get another card, to Double Down and get another card while also doubling your bet, or to Split. Splitting can only be done when a Pair of the same cards is dealt, and means that 2 new hands of 1 card each are formed with each new hand getting dealt a new card.

When you’re happy with your cards, it’s time to Stand and end your turn. You can Stand whenever you like, but there are rules governing when the dealer hand is allowed to. These usually say that the dealer needs to Hit when the hand total is 16 or less, and Stand when it is 17 or more. Once everyone is Standing, all cards are revealed.

You’ll be paid out 1:1 if your hand total is less than 21 but more than the dealer’s hand total, or less than 21 when the dealer hand is over 21. If your hand total is over 21 you lose. The ultimate hand in Blackjack is 21 on the dot, which is called Blackjack when it is made up of an ace and face card. In this case, you’ll get paid out an incredible 3:2.

Top Class Online Blackjack

The clever gameplay and the potentially huge payouts, along with the fact that the games even sometimes include progressive jackpots, is more than enough motivation to play Blackjack at King Neptune’s Casino. As soon as you’ve tried it, you’ll agree!