Thrilling Baccarat at King Neptune’s Casino

Baccarat is simple and sophisticated, making it the perfect game for the players who frequent King Neptune’s. Unlike Blackjack or Video Poker, Baccarat’s skill comes in formulating your betting strategy rather than making moves in response to the cards you are dealt. In this way, it’s a little more like Craps or Roulette, so if you enjoy those games you are going to love this one.

Our Baccarat titles, like all of our games, are developed by the best of the best. By choosing to have all our games powered by Microgaming, we are able to assure you that you will get nothing but the quality you deserve every time you play at our casino. The graphics and special features will make you feel as if you’re sitting at one of the most elegant land-based casinos in the world, and with our bonuses your gameplay will be more rewarding than ever.

Baccarat’s unique style and appeal attracts high rollers and celebrities, as well as regular players and absolute beginners. If you want to get started on a thrilling Baccarat journey that will last a lifetime, start by learning what it’s all about here.

The Essential Elements of Baccarat

Baccarat is the only casino card game that does not involve you making any decisions about the actual cards. There are 2 hands involved in each round and they’re called the Player and the Banker hand, or the Punto and the Banco hand, but these names go back to older traditions and are not terms. You don’t get to make any decisions about what happens to the Player hand, and the dealer doesn’t get to influence the Banker hand at all.

To start the round, you need to bet on whether you think the Banker or the Player hand total will be higher, or that they will tie. Once you’ve placed your wager, 2 cards will be dealt to the Player and the Banker hands. The value the hands are determined by adding them together and dropping the 10-value placeholder; a 9 and a 3 hand has a value of 2 rather than 12, for example. Number cards are worth their face value, Aces count for 1 and face cards carry a value of 0.

If the Player hand is worth 6 or more, it Stands, and if it is worth 5 or less another card must be dealt. When the Player hand Hits and gets its third card, a third card must also be dealt to the Banker hand. The highest possible total in Baccarat is 9, thanks to the way they are calculated, and the hand that hits 9 or as near to that as possible is the winner of the round.

Successfully backing a Player hand pays out 1:1, and if you bet on a winning Banker hand you get a 1:1 payout less 5% to make up for the lower house edge on Banker hands. A tie pays out a staggering 8:1, but the chances of landing this win is this large thanks to the house edge of 14.

Strategy Pointers for Baccarat

You’re not quite at the mercy of chance and luck in the same way as you are with a slots game when you play Baccarat, because you can formulate betting systems. The most sensible piece of advice is never to bet on a tie – unless you are feeling exceptionally lucky!

You can investigate various betting strategies, such as the Martingale system. This system says that you should choose a hand to back and then double your bet whenever you lose and halve it whenever you win. This sounds very counterintuitive, but actually means that, as long as you have enough money and time to spare, you’ll eventually recoup your losses. Try our exceptional online Baccarat games out and see if you agree!